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Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

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For anyone as lucky as I am, to be able to visit a multitude of places on this coconut, I strongly suggest you put the Cape of Good Hope on your bucket list. It was not on mine until I got there. Then, with my imaginary pen I scribbled it on the list, and scratched it off. I started thinking […]

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St. Lucia, South Africa. Whale Watching

Our next stop on the South African mystery tour was a wonderful vacation town called St. Lucia. This city sits in a climate zone which lends itself to wealthy South Africans from Joburg to have a second home. It has wonderful restaurants. The vacation homes we saw looked marvelous. Many of these homes have been converted to B&B’s and we […]

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Signs in Africa

In my posts I often feature doorways. However in Africa, I was intrigued by signs. Some of the road signs were purely enzootic, meaning ‘ya aint never gonna see this sign in Kansas.  Here are some examples.   Now in the tradition of being irreverent, I often post restroom signs. Here are a couple for your pleasure. That is it for a […]

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Kruger National Park 2013

I do not want this to be a long post, but at the moment I am struggling to find a way to keep it brief. You see, The Kruger, as a South African calls it, is huge. How huge is it? It is bigger than the state of Israel.  It is the  second largest NP after only Yellowstone. It is […]

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Africa 2013.

This post will be an introduction to the almost two months we spent in Africa. I really do not know where or even how to start. I could cop out and say, “OK, I will start at the beginning”  but I do not want this to be just a narrative. Africa, in case your geography is bad, is really big. […]

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