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Happy Spirits in Bhutan

This post will cover the two most spiritual things I have ever experienced. I was deeply moved by both of them. Bhutan is a deeply¬†Buddhist¬†country. I have mentioned before that if I ever decided to convert, as if I were disciplined enough to try, it would be in Bhutan. I found that the Tantrayana sect of Buddhism appeals to me […]

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Bhutan, Happy in Old and New Knowledge

Bhutan Protects the Timeless Knowledge There were three floors of the “old” library, each with a shrine to the Buddha. Bhutan Enters the Digital Age! Just outside of the capital city of Thimpu, there is a brand new IT Park Space inside this building has already been leased to Microsoft and other international high tech companies. It will also serve […]

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Worlds’s Smallest Buddha

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Our travel style,in case you are a new reader, is to hire a private guide with a comfortable car who is ours for they duration. We do not just show up and say “whatcha got.” We do our own research with every book we can find, and do not forget my wife is a university librarian. We also peruse all […]

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