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Old Car Museums in Sharjah

In the UAE, there are seven Emirates. Each has a Ruler, it is a family thing. The rulers all share in the oil revenue. So they are all wealthy, some beyond belief.

We live in the Emirate called Sharjah. Our ruler is a magnificent man. His main expenditures for his wealth are education, health and culture. Mary Ann has worked at the American University of Sharjah for six years. It happens to be very modern and a sought after school for Emirates as well as Arabs from many other countries. There are in fact students from 90 countries this year.

On the health side, he has built a world class University Hospital. I should know, I have been a “guest” there more than once.

On the cultural side, he has established some excellent museums. This post will show a little bit of two I truly enjoy.


the sign as you enter this excellent museum

the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum.

rulers limo

This was the ruler’s limousine, back in the day. Now his vehicle is a big black SUV. He can afford the gas.

Our ruler is much to smart to have evr owned this car!

Our ruler is much too smart to have ever owned this car! But it goes to show the breadth of the collection.

Another of the museums is the Sharjah Aviation Museum.

These three airplanes caught my attention.

This first one is a Heron 1B. It was last in commercial service in the African desert, and bought by the ruler for his museum.


This one is an Avro Anson.


And of course no aviation museum would be worth the name without a DC3!


The ruler now has his own 747. Must be good to be the ruler, eh?

He has also established museums for Muslim history and culture as well as art museums. I have visited them and find them wonderful.

If you are ever searching for a place to visit, check out the UAE, and especially Sharjah!

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