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Jordan 2. The Dead Sea and “Mars”

Thanks for coming back for the second and final post  about our trip to Jordan.

Again, we were the guests of Jordan Select Tours and led around by their excellent guide Haytham Hnouty. We have had many guides over the years, and I can recommend Haytham without reservation.

Wadi Rum

I am a big fan of the very recent thriller staring Matt Damon titled The Martian. If you have not seen it yet, you are missing what I think is the bast space movie ever, and Matt Damon’s best role in years. But again I digress.

Much of the movie was filmed in a spectacular desert venue called Wadi Rum in central Jordan

Wadi Rum

This is my wife and I standing on Mars, at least a place where many of the Mars scenes were filmed.

Mars or Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, or Mars on earth.

As you can see, this was a perfect spot to stage the Mars scenes. With a little Hollywood magic the made it look even redder than this, and of course there were no tire tracks.

This may look desolate, but when you are there you can enjoy a spectacular sense of naturalness. It is calm, quiet and quite beautiful. I wanted to go because of the movie of course, but experiencing the grandeur would have been enough.

As you might figure, Wadi Rum is a destination for rock climbers!



Also. Wadi Rum was a favorite hunting ground of Lawrence of Arabia where he captured many Turkish trains just like this one. Much of the great movie was also filmed here.

The Dead Sea.

Everyone has heard that you can float in the Dead Sea. Well, you can.

Dead Sea

This is my wife waving hello to all my readers. She floated for a long time.

Before you get in, you can do an Al Jolson imitation and cover yourself with black mud. They say it makes your skin smooth and has other healthful effects, supposedly takes years off your life. It felt great, but I am still as old as I was before my float. Maybe I forgot to sing Mammy, maybe I didn’t leave it on long enough, or maybe I am just too damn old. The mud comes from the bottom of the sea and contains many supposedly helpful chemicals. My wife liked it and said it had a marvelous effect.

Younger or not, here we are at the lowest spot on earth, 420 meter below sea level!

Younger or not, here we are at the lowest spot on earth, 420 meter below sea level!


Ok wonderful readers, that is all I have on Jordan, except to say it is a wonderful country, and that I did not see enough of it. I hope to go back, there are many more sites to visit, and yeah, I know a great guide!

Thanks for reading. Please make a comment. They make me feel better than black mud! And, oh yeah, share this with a friend, please.



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