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Baseball Summer, Detroit

Any Baseball fan could guess which stadium this gargoyle  is on.

20140909_88tiger Baseball

Or which stadium this is the main entrance to.
Or which outfield this sign hangs over.

Yes folks we were now in Detroit.

Comerica Park, home of the Tigers is a wonderful ballpark. Excellent vomitoreums. (If you need to know what that means click on the word.) It has excellent areas for food and beer service, and pretty good cold beer. It has many and large mens rooms. The fans are fun and knowledgeable. And it is the only ballpark I have ever been in that has what could be called a carnival

I wanted to ride the Tiger, but I think I was over the weight limit.

I wanted to ride the Tiger, but I think I was over the weight limit.

The game was against my Dodgers. Unfortunately the Tigers won 4 to 1, but over all it was an excellent day.


Broach Baseball tours took us to where the old Tiger Stadium was.


I was excited to go here because my Grandfather (more on him in future posts) played for the Tigers in this (used to be) stadium. This is the original infield and this photo is taken from home plate where he played for three years as a catcher. I hope he heard me say hello.

I hate ending a post on a negative, but outside this wonderful stadium, Detroit looks post apocalyptic. Very depressing.

Soon we were back on the bus and headed for The Great American Ballpark.

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