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Baseball Summer, Washington DC

My wife and I spent the month of July on what can only be described as a dream vacation. We are real Baseball fans. So real we got married at Dodger Stadium!

My wife’s favorite Baseball T-Shirt reads; “A Baseball game is like church. Many attend, few understand.”  We get it. We understand. Saying we worship the game is a bit over the top, but we understand.

We started planning this trip in the winter. We live somewhere that has no Baseball, not even a box score or standings in the newspaper. Certainly no buzz about it.

We looked at schedules of the teams. We looked at trains between the cities, We looked at flights. But then we ran across a website that solved our problem. Broach Sports Tours. They are not paying me for this endorsement, but I endorse them wholeheartedly. They planned everything just right, transported us in comfort, and we enjoyed every mile and every game. Our main tour guide was Matt, who is most definitely a seamhead.

They moved us around the East and Midwest in a big bus and our bus-mates were to a person real fans, they understood.

We took two tours. The first one started in Cleveland, went to Detroit, then down to Cincinnati, back up to Chicago (for two games at Wrigley) then further north to Milwaukee, and ended at the All Star game in Minneapolis. So yes, we spend a good amount of time on the bus. But before you think I am asking for pity, let me tell you that we were in great company and comfort.

The second tour of our our fabulous fantastic summer tour ended in Washington where we saw the Nationals play the Phillies.

Before the game we were treated to a tour of some of our nations capitol’s iconic memorials.



Of course, any tour of our nation’s capitol includes a stop at the White House. This is as close as you can get today without an invitation from your Senator. When I was a kid, I just walked up and took a tour.


 The mall is always something to see. It is dominated by the Washington Memorial. Damaged in an earthquake a couple years ago, it was encased in scaffolding for quite a while. They repaired the damage and cleaned it up, and I think George himself would approve.


The Jefferson memorial was one I had never visited before, I do not know why I hadn’t. It is perhaps the prettiest building in D.C. and a great tribute to an exemplary founding father.


A brand new memorial is to Dr. Martin Luther King.

Of course any tour of our nations capitol will take you to the Whitehouse. This is as close as you can get today without an invitation from your Senator that you must ask for months in advance. When I was a kid, you just walked up and took a tour.

Near the Dr. King memorial is the FDR memorial. This is small part of the FDR memorial. It sprawls over acres, just as his presidency sprawled over the USA.

And of course we saw a ballgame. The Washington Nationals are having a great year.

Here is one for you... Iused to wash this guys jock strap. Really. I was the club house manager fpr the Winstaon Salem Warthogs when this player, Gio Gonzalez was playing single A ball for in the White Sox organization. He started the game this night, and unfortunately took the loss.

Here is one for you… I used to wash this guy’s jock strap. Really. I was the club house manager for the Winston Salem Warthogs when this player, Gio Gonzalez, was playing single A ball for in the White Sox organization. He started the game this night, and unfortunately took the loss.

nat parkThe last time I was in D.C the Nationals played in some dungy old park called RFK Stadium.  Not anymore. The new ballpark (Nationals Park) is really special. It was built in 2008 at a cost of over $611 million dollars. It has a seating capacity of 41,000. Every seat has a great angle for viewing. The staff was very helpful and pleasant. The fans, perhaps encouraged by the fact that their team is really rolling, were quite active and involved. They had excellent Bratwursts. AND You can order drinks and food at your seat and have it delivered!

OK, so that was the last game of our two tours. I will revert to chronological order and start my next post on Coney Island where I saw the Brooklyn Cyclones ( A low A team in the Mets organization) and we went to a Yankee game to see  Derek Jeter play in his final season. Counting the All Star game we saw him three times in July. I am not a Yankee fan at all, but I have always been a fan of Derek Jeter.

Stay tuned for a lot more Baseball. Share with a friend. And please make a comment.


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Jim Baker says:

    Forest, I really enjoyed meeting you and Mary Ann on my baseball tour. You are great baseball fans to hang out with! I liked you Gio Gonzalez story since I live real close to Winston-Salem NC. I hope to meet up with you guys again in a ball park soon! If the Dodgers make it to the World Series are you guys coming back to the states to see it?

  2. What a great vacation idea! I wish you would have told us about it ahead of time. I would have flown out to meet you at one of the games. P.S. Go tigers!

  3. Diane Childs says:

    Didn’t realize that you and Mary Ann married at Dodger Stadium. Next you’ll be telling me that Vin Scully performed the ceremony. Was it during baseball season or off-season?

    I realize I also don’t know how you and Mary Ann met.



    Diane Childs
    Santa Monica, California

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