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All the Tea in China, Great Food and Good Beer

Tea Girl

OK. OK. I knew I would be able to buy tea in China, but I was surprised by how many stores there were that sold only tea. Each had dozens of varieties. Each had tea tasting to help you choose.

I am a big fan of Chinese food as well. Our tour agency, China Highlights tours, knew exactly where to take us for excellent food.

Every menu had photos of the dish you could order. Almost every menu had an English translation. Only a couple of times there was no translation and I had to ask our guide “Did I just order dog?” I was trying to be funny, but in one restaurant the guide said, “No, they only serve dog in the winter.” Oh, now I felt a lot better.

Included in our itinerary was a chance for Mary Ann to learn how to make Chinese dumplings.

Chinese dumpling class

It was actually a lot harder than it looked. I am lucky that Mary Ann is such a good cook, but I do not expect any Chinese dumplings at home!!

So for now, I am just going to show you photos of some of our meals, You can pretend this is a menu and choose what you want to eat. All I will tell you is you cannot go wrong!

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And of course we swilled some of the local brews. We always try the local brews! Our favorite was probably Snow beer. They had Tsing Tao some places which I used to think was. if not the only, at least the best beer out of China. In some cases, the waiter would explain that these were big bottles, and perhaps we wanted to share one. “Uh Uh, bring two.” Half way through the meal we would order two more. In our defense, it was probably a 3.5% beer, and very light. Besides that, we were not driving!

20140611_230 20140611_497 ??????????

So that does it for our trip to China. Will I go back? There is still an entire planet there to see, so maybe. If we do, we will hire China Highlights tours again!

Barely home long enough to do laundry and we are off again. This time for a summer of Baseball in the USA. So many games, so little time!

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  1. Charles Freeman says:

    Great writing and photos that made me feel as if I was there!

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