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Xian China, The Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors

Pick a warrior, any warrior!

This may well be the best reason to visit China. It is an amazingly well done attraction. Not crowded. Not hurried, you can take all the time you need, and you need a lot of time.

Terracotta Warriors well

In 1974, some farmers were digging a well. What they found became the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. This is the site of the original well

Terracotta warriors

In the last 40 years archeologists have unearthed thousands of these life-size figures.


Terracotta warrior face

Each and every figure is unique in facial figures and expressions. They also have different types of uniforms.

Terracotta warrior and horses

Along with this army was buried horses and chariots. All life-size and all highly detailed.

This is a World Cultural Heritage Site. That should go without saying. The site provides abundant and detailed artifacts for historians and archaeologists to understand the society  of the first emperor of the China he united, Qin Shihuang. It was built at his command over 2200 years ago.

Many of these warriors had weapons buried with them, such as bronze swords, longbows, arrows and spears. It is amazing, but these weapons were treated with chemicals to make them resistant to rust and corrosion. The swords discovered are still sharp after 2200 years. These chemical treatments were not used in the west for a thousand years.

When we arrived in Xian, it was our anniversary. China Highlight Tours met us at the airport with a wonderful bouquet of flowers for Mary Ann. Yes, they are a completely wonderful tour agency.


It was a very nice gesture from our tour agency

After the warriors we were scheduled to take a two-hour bike ride on top of the Xian city wall. But one big advantage of private tours is to be able to adjust your itinerary. I have an obsession for out of circulation currency from the countries I visit. I have a formidable collection already, but I wanted some Chinese currency. It is normally only available in antique stores. So I asked to go antique shopping. Lucky for us, the antique shops were right next to the wall we were scheduled to bike on!

vintage Chinese currency

I found what I was looking for very easily. As soon as it was obvious I was a buyer, not a looker, I was surrounded by vendors with their notes to sell me. They even brought up a chair for me sit on!

Vintage Chinese currency

These are some I bought. The top one did not scan well because it is a gold foil note commemorating the 2008 Olympics. The next is from 1949 and has a nice depiction of the great wall. The next is from 1990, again the wall. My favorite is the last one. Being a frequent flyer, this 1942 depiction of an airliner was too good to pass up.



Terracotta Warrior

So sorry you must leave.
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  1. Leeann says:

    Amazing pictures and commentary. This is the only thing that could ever get me to visit China…cuz China came to me!
    Love you lots,
    Your favorite (and only) sister

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