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Tiananmen Square, Beijing China, 2014

tiananmen square

Tiananmen Square today.


Tiananmen Square 25 years ago


We visited Tiananmen Square just four days before the 25th anniversary of the big riot/protest that took place there. We were pretty sure that there would not be any ceremonies taking place to commemorate this event. We visited on a holiday and there were thousands of Chinese tourists here and in the forbidden city.

Tiananmen Square

There were very many children with their parents. That is the Great Hall of the People behind us.

This would be a great place to make an observation about Chinese children in general. As you know, there is a one child per couple law in China, which has been in force for a generation. The children therefore get a lot of attention from parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles. They are very well behaved, not seemingly spoiled and not intrusive on our enjoyment of wherever we are.

Chinese children

These kids were trying to teach Mary Ann a few words in Chinese, and trying to learn the pronunciation in English. It was a cute scene, but a dismal failure in both directions.

Chinese girl and father

Since the one child policy, girls have started to outnumber boys by the hundreds of thousands. When it comes time to choose a future mate, they are in charge!

We walked around the square for an hour or so. Like the rest of China, it is huge. I thought my guide would be able to point out where the old man stood in front of the tanks during the protests. He just shrugged and said, “they shot him”.

The square which can hold 600,000 people is bordered on the west  by the Great Hall of the People and on the west by the National Museum of China.

Mao Mausoleum

On the south edge of this massive square is the Mao Mausoleum. It was closed when we were there, or I would definitely have waited in line to see his body which lies in-state.

Tiananmen gate

This is the north side of the square, the entrance to the forbidden city.

This square is a must see in Beijing. Historically, socially and geographically  it is at the  center of the city. It is quite impressive, not only because it is so massive, but because it is such a beautiful meeting place.

The next post will be the Forbidden City, which is absolutely mind blowing. Stay tuned, share, and please comment.





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