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South Africa, Diamonds, Ostriches and Beer!


I always wanted to see a diamond mine. So, we took a tour of the Cullinan diamond mine in Cullinan, South Africa. They have been pulling diamonds out of the “pipe” here since 1905. They have produced some of the largest diamonds ever found.

South African Diamond ring

At the gift shop I bought my wife this beauty. But she said it was too big and made me return it.

unset diamond

So then I bought her this unset special cut Cullinan diamond, but she said she did not like the cut and made me return it.


Diamond mine, Cullinan

So then I gave her a hard hat and told her to go dig her own diamond!

The tour at Cullinan was really informative. We enjoyed it immensely and recommend it. You can book your own tour here. They have jewlers there cutting diamonds right in front of you. No free samples, I asked.

We also went to see an Ostrich ranch.

White Ostrich

I had never seen a white ostrich before. Not an albino, just white, sort of rare I understand.

White ostrich

He came over to check me out so I took this mug shot of him. Sorta cute, for an ostrich.

ostrich eggs

These are not even really large ostrich eggs, but they are quite large. On would fill an oversized frying pan. It takes like 90 minutes to hard boil one.



Carved ostrich egg

All over South Africa you find the largest ostrich eggs used for art. This is a lamp. They carve just about anything on them.

And now,a beer, or two, or three.

South African Breweries museum

A fun place to visit in Joburgh is this museum.

South Africa makes some decent beer. This museum give you a history and methodology lesson.

Zulu Beer

They start by explaining how the women in the Zulu nation brewed beer, and they proceeded to serve us some in this big bowl.


Then they showed us the basic ingredients of modern beer, including these hops, in their natural state and in the capsulized state ready for the brewing process.

Jaw Crusher Darling beer

In case you are wondering, of course they had a bar! They had some micro type beers including this one called Jaw Crusher Darling with a drawing of a Hyena on it. The label had a heart breaking story about Hyenas,  poor misunderstood creatures with a bad reputation. After two of these 7.5 alcohol content  bottles, you might believe it!

Castle Beer

The big commercial beer in this brewery, and indeed all of South Africa, is called Castle Beer. They give you two each when you are done with the tour, and a nice glass you can keep.


That was just a few more things you can do in Amazing South Africa. I still owe you a look at the birds. So stay tuned!

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