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Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

For anyone as lucky as I am, to be able to visit a multitude of places on this coconut, I strongly suggest you put the Cape of Good Hope on your bucket list. It was not on mine until I got there. Then, with my imaginary pen I scribbled it on the list, and scratched it off.

I started thinking about all the history, historical novels and sea yarns I had read that had a voyage around the Cape included in them. If you think about it, you will also remember many stories that include a passage around this spot. It was something I insisted on doing when we booked our trip to Cape Town.

sign at Cape of Good Hope

And here I am!

The Cape of Good Hope

This would be the actual Cape. If you wish, you can walk out onto the promontory itself, but you might get blown into the ocean by the winds!

Two Oceans Restaurant

There is a wonderful place to eat there called the Two Oceans Restaurant. I had sushi from both oceans.

It was not always called The Cape of Good Hope. The weather there can be brutal and it was originally called the Cape of Storms. However when the trade route from Europe to India was established this cape became the symbol for a voyage half over, with better weather ahead, and the present day name caught on.

Cape Aulhas

You, as I did, might think that the Cape of Good Hope is the southern tip of Africa. Nope. That place is called Cape Agulhas. It is maybe an hour’s drive SE of the Cape of Good Hope. It does not attract the crowds that the Cape of Good Hope attracts, so there is not much there besides a quaint little town, and a LOT of STRONG wind.

Atlantic/Indian Ocean

Yes, STRONG wind. We could barely open the car door. But it was worth it to see where two of the worlds great oceans meet.

Close to the Cape is another place definitely worth a stop.


Yup, penguins in Africa. There is a colony of 2000 African penguins here at a place called Boulders Beach. These penguins rule the roost there. They have an active nesting colony they call home. In fact, a few years back there was an oil spill off shore that threatened the Boulders beach shoreline. So all the penguins were captured and moved quite a distance away. Well, the little tuxedo clad creatures swam all the way home to Boulders Beach in no time at all.

Boulders Beach

This sign should say something like this is OUR house, behave yourself.

African penguin

Cute little guys. Smaller than Antarctic penguins, but just as cheeky.

African Penguins, Boulders beach

This is a shot of just a part of the colony. They do not seem bothered by people with cameras. Indeed I took a few videos of them running right up to me!

Thanks for reading. Do not forget to include the Cape of Good Hope on any tour of South Africa! Share with a friend and make a comment, please.

Next post…wine tasting! This turned out to be the costliest two days of the summer!



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