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Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

After Shakaland maybe anywhere would have been a let down. The Drakensberg Mountains filled that bill.

The drive there was scenic, if you like twisting mountain roads. I do, my wife does not. As we got higher into the mountains, the scenery got very interesting as we passed through small towns and then smaller villages. It was nice to see real South African life. This was a day we could have gone to see Rorke’s Drift, but I was the only person interested, and it would have lengthened the drive by a few hours.

Let me say that the roads in South Africa are really good. Much better than East Africa.  The only thing is, everywhere is a long way away from everywhere else. Our itinerary called for a two night stay, which by this point in the trip made it seem like were were moving in.

Our destination was the Didima Mountain Camp. This is a place dedicated to the San People who were the original Bushmen predating everyone else. They left behind cave paintings, but that is about it. The last person that could be called a bushman, and who spoke the language, died a really long time ago. There is a modern and well done San Rock-Art interpretive center where you can get an idea of the life of the San people’s lives and see some recreations of rock art with out having to hike for five hours to some cave.

Didima camp lodgeing

These weird shape buildings were the lodge buildings we stayed in. There may have been twenty of them. All I know is this was the lower than low season and we were all alone.


cathedral peak

One the second day, the weather cleared and we were treated to a stunning view of Cathedral Peak. Basically, I enjoyed my day off the road. I read The Power of One (a great book about South African Anglo/Boer culture) and stared at the peak all day.

If I were not so lazy, and/or if we had not been on-the-go-go-go for such a long time (tough life, but someone has to do it) I probably would have enjoyed the walking and hiking trails that are available. I am sure many people do, so if you go there, prepare yourself. Or take a good book.

After the second night, we had to get up early for the drive to Joburg airport, where we were booked for flights to Cape Town.  The drive took forever across the Free Orange State of South Africa. This was the flattest, least interesting place I have ever been outside of North Dakota. But we were excited to get to Cape Town, and starting with the next post I hope you understand why we were not disappointed.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    That is one thing about traveling to certain destinations. You are tired from just traveling there. I like being a lone but looks like you guys could have been the only people there. Not sure on the winding roads either. Those buildings look like half of a football.

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