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St. Lucia, South Africa. Whale Watching

Our next stop on the South African mystery tour was a wonderful vacation town called St. Lucia. This city sits in a climate zone which lends itself to wealthy South Africans from Joburg to have a second home. It has wonderful restaurants. The vacation homes we saw looked marvelous. Many of these homes have been converted to B&B’s and we stayed in a nice one.  The town also has a few hostels and appeals to back packer types and overland trucks full of vagabonders.

There are quite a few game and nature reserves nearby, but when we first drove into town, there was a big sign that said THE WHALES ARE BACK!  We had travelling companions on this part of the trip, a family of three from Germany. They had never seen a whale ( I thought that was so sad) and the look in the eyes of their 15 year old son made it a sure thing that we would sojourn out into the Indian Ocean so we could hopefully see some cetaceans.

tourist stores in St. Lucia

Being a vacation town, there are rows and rows of stores to buy everything from designer sunglasses to designer wet suits. Of course here is where you book your whale watching tours,so we did.

my wife the mariner

The next morning we suited up.

There was no dock where the boat left. They had tractors to pull the boat out of the water and push it back in.

The capatain had two sets of instructions. First, keep your feet frirmly planed on the deck and hold on tight,   Second if you need to vomit, please do it overboard.

getting outside the breakers

It was great advice, Getting outside the breakers was an E ticket.

whale watching

I have seen whales before, and I could not keep from being tossed on the waters, so I sat and watched. At one point, before I decided to sit and watch, I almost went overboard but was saved by the 15 year old German kid.

We were lucky. We ran into a pod of many whales. They were all frolocking and putting on a good show for the tourists.

whales off of St. Lucia

Even parked on my posterior, the whales were a great show. This photo was taken by the kid who saved me from being a meal for the whales. I had my camera stashed away from the spray by then.

That is about it for St Lucia (pronounced Luchia by the way). Next stop, and the next post, ZULULAND!

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