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Swaziland, 2013

Yes kind readers, there is a place on the planet called Swaziland. Pronounce it with the first a as in AH. It is one one the last constitutional monarchies on the planet. They have a young king with an Oxford education and more wives than anyone can count.

King of Swaziland

No. I did not get this close to the King. When you have a wife in every village I guess you do not get out much.

Flag of Swaziland

They have a way cool flag that shows off their Zulu ancestry.

While developing a country with an extensive infrastructure of fine roads and WIFI, the Swazi people have jealously protected their culture. The people are friendly and they welcome tourists and their money. Some 75% of the population practice subsistence farming, and 60% of the population live on less than the equivalent of US$1.25 per day. Swaziland’s main trading partner is South Africa, and its currency is pegged to the South African Rand. Some Swazis make their living by growing marijuana, which is sold to South Africa. No one offered me any Swazi Wazi so they must be doing fine on their buck and a quarter a day. What I saw the most of was an intense forestry industry. They have huge tree farms and more importantly they have mills that make everything from lumber to toilet paper, which means the jobs stay in Swaziland.

On the down side, they have the highest HIV rate of just about anywhere. The king is trying to deal with it, I guess by marrying young maidens. Like I say, this is an irreverent travel blog. I just call them as I see them.

We spent one night there. I liked the name of the place, Foresters Arms Country Hotel.

Foresters arms hotel Swaziland

It was charming and homey and had a nice library with a fireplace.

I really liked the food in the restaurant.

I really liked the food in the restaurant.


The next morning we spent doing tourist stuff, as we always do.

Swazi village

We visited their homes.

Swaziland dance

We danced with them.

swazi doctor

We had a word with this guy. I figured if anyone HE might offer me some Swazi Wazi, but nooo.

Swazi beer

So we just had a local cool one.

I found out that aliens are invading Swaziland.

Aliens in Swaziland

Weird that they would open an office don’t you think?

 Swaziland immigration

And soon we were saying goodbye to this little country.

Thank you for joining us on this little excursion. Please share with a friend, please make a comment. Please oh please.

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    it was a nice and a fun read ^_^.. now I know there is a place called Swaziland ^_^.. thanks for sharing!

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