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Signs in Africa

In my posts I often feature doorways. However in Africa, I was intrigued by signs. Some of the road signs were purely enzootic, meaning ‘ya aint never gonna see this sign in Kansas.  Here are some examples.


This was taken in the Namib desert. They are not kidding.

elephant warning

These guys are not kidding either

penquin crossing

Yes, little tuxedo clad critters actually need to cross the road.

No robots

After seeing this sign a few dozen times, and trying to decipher it myself. I determined it meant “no robots”. I finally asked and found out what it really means. If you know, please tell all the readers in the comments. No fair if you are from South Africa.

Diamonds to the right!

People on the right like diamonds.

The right is out of time!

The right is almost out of time!

scenic route

This sign means just what it looks like, scenic route.

Solitaire, Namibia

In the second least populated per sq mile country in the world, this is a sign for a big community!

Dune 45 Sossuvlei, Namibia

Believe it or not, the signpost to a major tourist attraction in Sossusvlei, Namibia.

Tropic of Capricorn marker

Another sign you aint gonna see in Kansas

Starbucks in Namibia

I have no idea if this shop is paying Starbucks for the rights here. Inside it was just like a Starbucks anywhere, WIFI, comfy chairs, snacks and good coffee.

No Hawkers

I would like to see more of these signs anywhere in the world.

Cape of Good Hope

I hope YOU get there someday! Well worth the trip.

Kingdom of Swaziland border

The border crossing leaving Swaziland, another place to put on your wish list. I’ll tell you why in an upcoming post.

Get well Madiba

Madiba is the tribal name for Nelson Mandela. While we were there he was in hospital in Pretoria, and as this writing, he was just sent home to Joburgh, but still in pretty bad condition. Without a doubt the most loved man in South Africa. In effect the father of the country.

Shaka Zulu bar

At Shaka Zululand, you better drink!


Now in the tradition of being irreverent, I often post restroom signs. Here are a couple for your pleasure.

Restroom sign at Shaka Zulu.

Maiden or hunter, This way. After all the Zulu beer (yes really) you will be glad to see this sign.

Gotta go NOW!

I think this sign was developed for people who just spent four-hours driving between points of interest and who did not want to risk getting out of the car to water the bush. Lions ya know.

That is it for a post about some signage in southern Africa. I was entertained by them, but then I am easily entertained.

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