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Assisi’s Best Hospitality

If you are ever lucky enough to get to Assisi, do yourself a favor and stay at San Crispino. In fact if you are ever in Italy, go to Assisi so you can stay at San Crispino. Take this all the way and just plan a trip to Italy specifically to stay at San Crispino. Honestly, I liked it that much.

It is more than a hotel. It is more than a hotel and a spa. It is a hotel, a spa and a wellness center all wrapped up in two beautiful facilities.

Deep into the medieval city of Assisi on quiet cobblestone streets San Crispino has a small hotel which is actually a historical mansion. It has theme rooms designed to add to the feeling of living in the 15th century, only as a noble. Each of the rooms has a private garden. I’m not talking a few plants on a balcony here,oh no. This hotel provides you with a big lush garden you could play sports in!   The rooms we saw were sumptuous.

San Crispino

The bedroom in one suite.

San Crispino

The dining area in the same suite with the door to a garden bigger than most of yours.

Lunch spread which included their own wines, yum yum.

I ate a lot of delicious food in Italy, but none better than this little tempter. It is a crispy cone stuffed with truffles and peas. Truffles are big in Umbria!

Just outside of Assisi they have a large farm that has another set of nice rooms, The farm has been in the family for a few generations and is productive and beautiful. This facility has a big dining hall where you eat family style in front of a fireplace, a fully equipped spa and this pool. The view is of Assisi on the hill.This is where the wellness center is. The owner is a dermatologist that has a line of products to make your skin look younger. Too late for me!

Maybe one of the reasons I liked this place so much was the gorgeous daughter of the owner. She is a classic Italian beauty and as personable as she is pretty. Ciao Bella!

Thank you to San Crispino for a wonderful afternoon in Assisi!

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  1. Forrest! it was so nice to meet you!!!! the photos are lovely,
    I really hope to see you and your delightful wife as soon as possible!
    and don’t forget us,keep Assisi and her people in your heart!
    My best wishes for you,
    I send you a big hug
    and… Ciao Bello!

  2. Nice pics. Didnt realise your “suite” was so much bigger than our bungalow. I guess size isnt everything :)

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