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Eat My Feet!

As promised, I am sharing with you an amazing thing available here in Chiang Mai. I have no idea if this is done anywhere else, but there are a bunch of places here in town that offer this.

Good to GO!

Fishies at work

I paid for a half hour. Next week I will do an hour, and bring a book. Afterwards your feet feel like new feet, like a baby’s feet. If I give them an hour they should make some  difference on the calloused heel.

Also, because pictures often tell more than my prose ever could, I am sharing some market pictures with you. Yes, you can go to a western market and buy “normal” things, but what fun is that?

The meat inside is white and very tasty.

Buddhists do not have an Easter, so?

No amount of adventure will ever make me eat this!

I saw this right after the fish ate my feet!

Time to regain my place in the food chain!

Actually very good treats, not sushi at all, just donuts!


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  1. Charles Freeman says:

    I’ve heard of this technique in other Asian countries.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Could be an added attraction at the Twisted Toucan — the Bocas fish are prettier!

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