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Just When I’ve Seen It All…

Dubai now has an ATM machine for…gold bars!

Yes, you can put in cash, your credit card or debit card and buy bars up to 10 grams or stylized coins.

The ATMs themselves are a bright gold and called Gold To Go.

To be fair, they were not invented here, they are the brainchild of a German and were tested there first.

I will visit the one in Dubai and post a photo. Don't expect a gold bar!

Whats next? Ohhhh, my mind just cannot control itself on that subject. I would love to have you guys post ideas for ATM machines…

An ATM for Papal blessings in Rome??

For a can of beer in Bocas?

For a handgun in Alabama?

For a Green Card in Arizona?

A Goldman Sachs ATM for Mortgages?

How about a Pizza?

Not even with a raging case of the munchies...

Or how about Live Bait?

This has to be in Dixie somewhere

What do YOU think.

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