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What Other Big Cities Can Learn From Dubai

Dubai has the most interesting and exciting way to control pigeon shit on its iconic skyscrapers.


Falconry is really big here. It is a sport. It is a national heritage thing. The falcon is on all the money. And now, a British expat  is making its own money off the Falcon.

He started  a company near the big buildings in the commercial district of Dubai that (under strict vigilance from the government) breeds falcons to keep pigeons away from the skyscrapers.  Big fat slow pigeons are terrified of trim fast falcons. (A peregrine falcon can reach 200km an hour in a dive.)

This company breeds and trains falcons solely for keeping Dubai’s skyscapers clean of pigeon shit.

This company releases it falcons at the same time every day. They circle up to a high altitude, spread out to their selected hunting ground which they have been trained to patrol. They do not attack the pigeons because they have been trained not to,  but  pigeons get the idea that the falcons live around these buildings, and move away. The buildings stay clean of pigeons and  the company gets paid. No shit.

I could really get into that business.


2 Responses so far.

  1. Ace says:

    Guano Prevention Engineer, what a gig!

  2. c.j. says:

    Wouldn’t that mean your car windshield, or your head, gets hit with falcon shit; or, an occassional dropped pigeon?

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