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A Couple Weird Things

OK, the UAE is a Moslem country. Everyone should respect things like the dress code. I have mentioned this before. Women should not wear plunging necklines, nor bare shoulders and wear skirts below the knee. Men should not bare their shoulders nor wear shorts above the knee. I do not think there is anything against wearing a plunging neckline if you are a guy, but I digress.

This weekend, two things happened that made me shake my head.

Saturday, at the library where Mary Ann works (American University of Sharjah for those of you who just joined us on this blog) a security guard complained to someone on the library staff about a womanwho walked in wearing shorts. They wanted the staffer to talk to her, eject her, something like that. After further review it turned out the woman was the wife of a prof. Today, the library grand poobah had to put out a message that the library staff was not the dress code enforcement team. It begs the question, Who Is? I spent the day on campus today. There are hundreds of cuties walking around who are not “covered”. They wear modern college coed clothes, but no plunging necklines or shorts. This is not where I went to University.

Then, also in Sharjah, remember, Sharjah is the most conservative of the Emirates, closed all of their parks until 4 in the afternoon. Why? Because the park gardeners were oogling the women exercising (jogging etc) in the park. So their answer was to close the parks during the day. Mary Ann and I thought this was bizarre and the wrong solution. The Gulf News, which hardly ever criticizes the authorities, came out with an editorial saying the same thing. This is not the way to handle this.


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  1. Ace says:

    Welcome to the UAE, my fellow ‘Murican. A lot of things don’t make sense here. he longer you are here, the more you see. I quit trying to figure it out long ago and just drink heavily now. I can understand it a little better then!

  2. Julie says:

    Gee Forrest, seems like there is no common sense anywhere on the coconut….thanks for the writings and observations….X!

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