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High tech in UAE

Mary Ann brought home an IPAD last night. I am using it right now. I feel like a caveman who discovered fire. Everything is different. However, maybe I like my mastodon raw.

What do I like about it? First, I am laying on my couch while typing this message. OK, I suppose you could do that with a laptop, or blackberry, but this contraption is really lightweight and has a big screen.
Second, while typing away, the interface does things like automatically capitalizing the next word after a period. That is cool.

I have explored quite a bit, but have hours more to discover stuff. I am supposed to be testing it for the library,after all Mary Ann is in charge of electronic gizmos there. I can test certain things, but I really have no idea what a middle eastern student who grew up texting would do with this thing.

However I did find one thing I think is terrific. I call it the etch-a-sketch feature. If you are drawing something, and you want to start over, you just shake the shit out of the unit and it erases everything! Kind of like moving to the other side of the coconut!


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