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Jiminy Cricket has Pink Balls

Just a quick post today.

There is no baseball here. Rumor is that there is a Little League in Abu Dhabi, but that is very far from me.

Living in the hotel I cannot get anything more than basic TV.

Basic TV means…CNN, BBC, Fox Movies, 4 UAE stations*, and about a dozen Bollywood stations.

The Bollywood stations carry Cricket live from India, every night. Yeah, Cricket. When my choices are limited to

A) No Sports,

B) Soccer: or

C) Learn to like Cricket

I’ll take Cricket.

Mary Ann checked out a book from her library for me called Cricket for Americans. I will NOT bore you with the rules of the game, except to say they make a Senate resolution read like Dick and Jane. If you have ever wondered where the phrase “bowled over” comes from, the answer is Cricket. It is a real term used to describe a sequence of events that unless put in the perspective of a brit who likes warm beer is very benign.

There is a new brand of cricket rising in the world, it is called 20/20, or maybe 40/40. I forget. It is intended to make the game end within a reasonable time. A normal Cricket match tends to last three days. So the governing agency of real Cricket has gotten uppity about the 20/20 folks and is trying to modernize the sport, including playing into the night so a match might only last two days. Playing under the lights meant changing the color of the ball, so now there are experimental matches using PINK BALLS.

Too bad the US military never occupied this region, they would have tought the people Baseball. Alas.

*All 4 UAE stations are mourning the loss of a Sheigh who was the brother of the top guy in Abu Dhabi. He died in a glider accident. He was worth about 500 Billion $, yes with a B, and was known for his philanthropic works, as well as the controller of the petrodollars here. All 4 stations are reading, non stop, 24 hours a day, the Koran.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Cynthia Dunne says:

    Cricket!!! Tommy would love it over there. If you have any questions or need a cricket buddy he’s the one. I’ll send him this post, he’ll get a good chuckle.

  2. Randy Schultz says:

    The Koran Channel– all Koran, all the time! No wonder you are watching cricket matches on TV.

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