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My New “Hawaiian” Shirt

Probably mistakenly, I thought that my Hawaiian shirts would not be received well here in the UAE. Certainly the scantily clad hula girls would not, and I was worried about my shirts with flowers and the like, because as I understand it, only Allah can make a flower. That is why there are no flowers, plants and such on the carpets.

Anyway, y’all know I love Hawaiian shirts. Big, loose fitting, cool, comfortable shirts.

Now, every where you go in this town, every block, has at least one tailor. Some blocks, many tailors. In between the tailors are fabric stores.

A co-worker of Mary Ann was talking about how easy it was to get a blouse made.  She bought Chinese silk. took a blouse she liked with the silk to the tailor and told him “same-same”.

I went a step further. I found some extremely light Egyptian cotton, and some shell buttons. Then I took the only Hawaiian shirt I brought with me to a tailor and told him “same-same, VERY same-same”. I showed him the collar, “same-same”. The pocket “same-same”. By this time he was nodding to the effect of “I got it, same-same, OK.”


Material, shell buttons, and tailoring together will cost me about $15. We’ll see when it is done, I might have been better off going to Wallahmart.

Stay tuned.


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