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Thank you for visiting my blog. Here you will find real travel stories with an irreverent theme. My intent is not only to allow you some vicarious travel experiences, but to make you laugh. Please subscribe and follow my wife and I as we travel from Asia to Zanzibar.

An Amazing Experience

In this, the apex chapter of my safari to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, I will tell you about what can honestly be called a once in a lifetime experience. I trekked up a mountain to see the gorillas in the mist, and I do not mean the movie.

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Gandhi's Last Steps.

Our last tourist experience in India was to visit the home Gandhi was living in for the last four months of his life. The place has been turned into a museum to commemorate his life and his works. Like the man, it is both humble and impressive.

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Funniest Post

This will center your thoughts on what a small world we live in and the wonders of travel.

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I sure hope you enjoy my "work"!

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